11 Dengue patients reported from same Gujjar Khan district


Rawalpindi, August 16 (TNS): Eleven dengue patients have been diagnosed from the same Doltala district of Gujjar Khan on Thursday, which has caused chaos in the administration.

Around 1,131 patients have reportedly been admitted to the hospital, out of which 46 have been identified as probables, 101 as non-dengue patients and 15 confirmed patients.

However, these 15 confirmed patients following their treatment have also been discharged from the hospital.

Meanwhile Additional Deputy Commissioner (Headquarters) Saima Younus has directed that Wasa and RWMC must ensure that no water should make smalls ponds across the city after the monsoon rain.

Addressing the session of Deputy Commissioner Emergency Response Committee she said,”Complaints should be addressed instantly regarding the problem of water standing on streets and roads as it is the source of production of Dengue Lavae along with dirt in the city.”

“Such heaps of stagnant rain water boosts the production of larvae which then produces dengue and as a result dengue fever spreads across the environment.”

“It is a concern that 11 patients have been reported from the Doltala district alone,report should be submitted immediately after taking necessary action in this regard.”

The session was attended by Chief Executive Officer, Health Dr. Khalid, District Health Officer Dr. Azimi Hayat and other government officials.

On this occasion CEO Health Dr. Khalid briefed that 1131 suspected dengue cases have been reported in Rawalpindi district so far, out of which 46 are probables, 101 non-dengue while 15 confirmed patients have been identified.

Dr. Khalid said that field activities are being raised in recent weather of monsoon, to hinder the larvae production in the area speedily.