11 Saudi Princes arrested for not complying with Gov’ts austerity drive


RIYADH, Jan 06 (TNS): 11 princes who refused to comply with kingdom’s austerity drive have been arrested by authorities and might face trial.

A news website close to the Saudi government reported on Saturday that the princes, who were not named, were protesting at a historical Riyadh royal palace, Qasr al-Hokm, against a government’s decision to stop paying the water and electricity bills of royals.

They were also demanding “financial compensation” after one of their cousins had been sentenced for an unspecified crime.

The princes were transferred to the high-security Ha’ir prison in the capital “ahead of their trial”, Sabq said, citing unnamed sources.

It said the princes “were informed of the error of their demands but they refused to leave Qasr al-Hokm”, prompting the royal guards to intervene and arrest them.