12 dead, 4 injured in big New York City fire


UNITED NATIONS, Dec. 29 (TNS):At least 12 people, including an infant, have died in a massive apartment fire in New York City on Thursday night, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced.

Calling the blaze “one of the worst loss-of-life fires in many, many years,” De Blasio said another four people were critically injured and “fighting for their lives.”

Speaking at a press conference at the fire scene, the mayor said at least 12 people were rescued from the burning building.

“The search of the building continues so we know that even though it’s horrible to report 12 are dead already, we may lose others as well,” de Blasio said.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said the fire broke out on the first floor of the five-story building and spread upstairs. He said it was “way too early to tell the cause.”

“As of now, this tragedy is without question historic in its magnitude,” Nigro said.

More than 160 firefighters braved frigid temperatures to put out the fire, the FDNY announced on Twitter.