12 Pakistan-origin candidates win in UK general elections


London, Jun 09 (TNS): As results of United Kingdom General elections have been declared,  twelve  Pakistan- origin British candidates belonging to the Conservative and Labour Parties have won the elections.

Shahbana Mahmood of the labour party, originally from Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, crushed all opponents in Birmingham Ladywood securing 34,166 votes (82.7% of the total vote). There was a turnout of 59 per cent, which was lower than most in the region.

Dr. Roseena-Allin Khan of the labour party won Tooting with 34,201 votes. Khan’s mother is from Poland and her father is originally fromPakistan.

Yasmin Qureshi, originally from Gujrat, has been re-elected in Bolton South East with 25,676 votes. The voter turnout in Bolton South East was 61.4%.

Naseem “Naz” Shah of the labour party won Bradford West with 27, 444 votes which is 64.7% of the total votes. She was born in Bradford and spent some of her childhood in Pakistan where she went through a tragic youth before moving back to Britain.

Imran Hussain of the labour party won Bradford East with 29, 831 votes. He is originally of Pakistani descent.

Khalid Mahmood from Mirpuri descenet won Birmingham Perry Barfor the labour party with 30, 109 votes.

Afzal Khan of the labour party won the constituency of Manchester Gordon and

Faisal Rashid Faisal Rashid of the labour party won Warrington South.

Nusrat Munir Ul-Ghani of the conservative party won 37,027 votes, 61.2% of the total votes. Her parents are originally from Kashmir. Rehman Chishti of the conservative party won Gillingham and Rainham with 27,091 votes. He was born in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. His father has served as Federal Adviser on religious affairs to the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir in Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s era.

Sajid Javed of the conservative party won Bromsgrove with 33,493 votes. He is one of the five sons of parents of Pakistani descent.