3 injured including a woman and child in truck, oil tanker collision


KARACHI: Oct 3 (TNS): At least three including a woman and a child were injured after a collision between an oil tanker and truck caused oil spillage near Saeedabad area of Baldia Town, in the wee hours of Tuesday.

According to details, the oil tanker was carrying around 25,000 litres of furnace oil when it crashed with a truck near Hub River.

The driver of the oil tanker fled the scene after the collision ignited a fire on the oil tanker.

The crash left a hole in the oil tanker, causing oil to spill over onto the road.

Due to the oil spillage, a car slipped off the road and fell into a ditch, resulting in serious injuries to the passengers.

Three, including a woman and a child, were reported injured in the car crash. The injured were shifted to Murshid Hospital.

The traffic police moved the oil tanker away from obstructing the road, while the police started search for the absconded driver.