Rishi Kapoor denounces banning his movie ‘Mulk’ in Pakistan



Mumbai, Sept. 5 (TNS): Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor denounces banning his movie ‘Mulk’ in Pakistan.

“Mulk” supposedly ‘pro-Muslim’ project, the veteran artist’s latest outing highlights the issues faced by Muslims living in India.

Last month, Rishi Kapoor’s film Mulk was banned from releasing in Pakistan

In more recent news, Rishi, who portrays a Muslim man named Murad Ali Muhammad in Mulk, has finally opened up about the subject. “I’ve been getting sweet text messages from all over the world. My only regret is that the film was banned in Pakistan,” Rishi told Mumbai Mirror.

“Perhaps because we showed that Indian Muslims continue to be heckled with that awful line, ‘Go back to Pakistan’. I wish they would reconsider the ban,” he added.

This isn’t the first time the Bobby actor has essayed a Muslim character. Previously, his famous roles such as Akbar from Amar Akbar Anthony, Dawood Ibrahim from D-Day and Rauf Lala from Agneepath garnered critical as well as commercial acclaim.

According to Rishi, these choices weren’t deliberate. “I’ve been the good guy as well as the baddie. Rauf Lala of Agneepath and Murad of Mulkare at two ends of a spectrum. There was a time, when, like most actors, I’d shun villainous parts. Imagine, I’d even turned down the Shah Rukh Khan role of the stalker in Darr. Once, bad guys on the screen were bad news.”