90 dangerous inmates transferred to other jails in country


KARACHI, Sep 19 (TNS): Fearing that dangerous terrorists being kept in Karachi Central Jail were in touch outside and could escape like two others in June, 2017, the jail authorities have transferred 90 extremely dangerous prisoners to other jails in the country.

With the transfer of these dangerous prisoners, mostly members of the banned terrorist organisation, the vast network of terrorists in Karachi Central Jail has been broken.

According to an official report, the network came to notice following investigation in one of the most daring prison break incidents seen in June last.

In the major prison transfer, 80 high-profile prisoners have been shifted to Sukkur, eight to Larkana and two to Rawalpindi.

The transfer of prisoners took place in phases, the report said. It added that 68 prisoners will be handed over to military courts for trial.

The jail administration, through the report, has notified the Sindh home department regarding the transfer of prisoners.

The decision to transfer prisoners and break the network was taken by the Sindh apex committee following the escape of two under-trial prisoners, Sheikh Muhammad alias Firon and Ahmed Khan alias Manako in June.

The two, who reportedly belonged to the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, had managed to escape from the jail’s judicial complex, where they were brought for a hearing. The CTD, which took over the investigation of the jail-break incident, said earlier that the escaped prisoners have fled to Afghanistan.