Sarah Michelle Gellar recalls being sued at age 5 for a fast-food chain commercial


Sarah Michelle Gellar recalled that she found herself in a middle of a lawsuit when she was merely a five-year-old.

The Wolf Pack actress, 45, shared to Buzzfeed UK that she did a commercial for Burger King and for the first time a competitor’s name was taken in the ad which was, McDonald’s.
“This is really funny. This was this big campaign that I did for Burger King and I was 5,” Gellar recounted. “And I was the first person to say another competitor’s name in a job, and so McDonald’s turned around and sued the advertising agency, Burger King and me at 5.”

“But what I really remember was I didn’t eat a lot of fast food at the time, and when we were there, I just wanted a burger,” she continued. “I was so excited because my mom said that I could have the burger.

“And what I learned on that day is that when they make the burgers for commercials, they glue each seed on it to make it look all perfect and beautiful, and then they shellac it, and they paint it. You guys, TV is not real,” said Gellar.

Although she said “banned is a strong word,” Gellar previously noted in a 2004 interview with Sunday Express that she “wasn’t allowed to eat” at McDonald’s during the lawsuit, via People.

“It was tough because, when you’re a little kid, McDonald’s is where all your friends have their birthday parties, so I missed out on a lot of apple pies,” Gellar said told the outlet.