During the recent Munich security conference President Ilham Aliyev gave many important recommendations for a long term peace in South Caucus region. He has always been advocating peace with Armenia and has again asked his Armenian counterpart to renounce territorial claims of Azerbaijan land. He has also cautioned Armenia to clarify her position on the peace process. Azerbaijan has always been welcoming towards Armenia but on the other hand Armenia has not been forthcoming. Azerbaijan is in the process of becoming a major connectivity hub between Asia and Europe and has emerged as an important strategic partner for the regional countries as well as European Union. The concept of middle corridor has gained a lot of popularity both in South Caucus region and also in other parts of Europe. Azerbaijan has always advocated peaceful resolution of all the disputes and has always been forthcoming in resolution of issues. Recently Azerbaijan has signed an energy agreement with European Union. Thus, not only fulfilling the energy demands of Europe but also opening up the new trade\energy corridors. Now its up to European Union that they must stop undue favours to America and pursue the American government for ensuring the implementation of peace agreements.

– Written by

Mr. Khalid Taimur Akram, ED, Pakistan
Research Center for a Community with
Shared Future (PRCCSF), Islamabad
Editor-in-Chief | Daily Big Digit