Analysis on “C5+1: Increasing Important Diplomatic Platform”

In this transforming age where geopolitical aspects have been shifted to geoeconomic cooperation, the recent C5+1 platform has presented a plethora of opportunities to Central Asian Republics with the presence of the U.S. This engagement can be seen as a positive effort to resolve shared issues and work for energy diversification, climate change, economic empowerment, counterterrorism and regional collaboration. The true essence of soft power diplomacy along with diplomatic efforts from Kazakhstan, as a host country, have shown the implementation of the multivector policy proposed by President Kassym Jomart. C5+1 can become a robust platform to foster internal coordination, and streamline activities and institutional development. Such platforms are significant for integrating countries and devising a roadmap to modernize economies. Undoubtedly, the Central Asian region holds immense significance vis-à-vis its economic and natural resources On the other side, the balance of power will remain a pertinent aspect with relevance to China and Russia. Having rising superpowers in the region, C5 countries can enhance their core agenda and integrate other nations as well, i.e., Russia and China. It will indeed enhance the global influence and outreach of such an effective platform and institutions. The world has become multipolar. Thus, it is a high time that all states must join hands to cope with common issues and work for a better future with joint future aspirations. Pakistan appreciates Kazakhstan’s efforts under the dynamic leadership of President Tokayev in arranging such meetings and events which are gaining global popularity. It can be anticipated that C5+l will bring progressive agenda towards a glorious future and enhance diplomatic sphere. – Written by Ms. Maryam Raza, Deputy Director Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared Future (PRCCSF), Islamabad