Uzbekistan’s policy on High Quality Education


Uzbekistan places great emphasis on education, and President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has
implemented several policies to improve the quality and reforms of education. The
government of Uzbekistan has also increased the budget for education and has provided
incentives for teachers to improve the quality of teaching.
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev paid special attention to building Uzbekistan as a welfare
state. Above all, the welfare state means equal opportunities to develop human potential
and create the conditions necessary for people to live with dignity.
The government of Uzbekistan is heading to initiate more policies to improve the quality
of education in the country. This includes the establishment of new universities and the
modernization of existing universities and also provides scholarships for students to study
abroad and has encouraged international collaboration between universities. Uzbekistan
is welcoming academic exchange programs among different countries, the research and
scientific experience is boosting. The government has also invested heavily in upgrading
and modernizing the educational infrastructure.
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev also stressed the importance of high reforms in education
and stated that it is the only effective strategy for the development of New Uzbekistan.
Overall, the education policy in Uzbekistan is focused on improving the education system
and ensuring that all students have access to education. The government’s initiatives
towards academic enhancement and quality education are crucial for the overall
development of a country. Quality and reforms in education is the foundation of a
prosperous society, and the government’s role in providing access to education is
essential for nation-building.
In the process of implementing large-scale reforms, special attention the government is
paying to comprehensively listen to the opinions and suggestions of teachers, parents, and
students, and systematically implement them. These include increased teacher training
and professional development, the establishment of a national system for evaluating
teacher performance, and the introduction of new teaching methods and technologies.
The higher education system must be developed accordingly. In this regard, instructions
are given to reform the activities of research institutes and universities, develop human
resources and expand the integration of science and production.
The approaches are mainly aimed at the capacity building of public institutions, but at the
same time, the government recognizes the role of private universities in ensuring that the
country receives high-quality higher education and supports them in institution building.
The main policy is also the implementation of a new curriculum designed to promote
critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Therefore, a lot of energy and
money are invested in the comprehensive development of the Uzbekistan educational
system to train qualified specialists in various fields and branches.
Emphasize that the effectiveness of the current modernization process and the success of
reform and transformation depend on school education and the cultivation of new-model
professionals. So a lot is in the hands of the school leaders and teachers, they are selfless
people who bring knowledge, culture, and spirituality.
The reforms in education are aimed at creating a more modern, efficient, and effective
education system that is better equipped to meet the needs of Uzbekistan students and the