Analysis of President Xi Jinping Re-election 2023.



Xi Jinping, re-elected as president and chairman of the Central Military Commission of the People’s Republic of China on Friday on the 14th National People’s Congress.  The reelection of the president proved the true democracy and confidence of Chinese people on him. I believe that now China will cherish unstoppable progress and rejuvenation.

Xi has re-elected as Chinese president unanimously. It has fully represented the will of the NPC deputies, and more importantly, the will of the people from all ethnic groups. Deputies of NPC on the behalf of their parties and people congratulate the president.  I am optimistic. The new leadership will innovate in the process of development and constantly explore new horizons for high-quality consultation. Also, the deputies and members of NPC and CPPCC national committee are elected for the next 5 years. The new leadership pledged for the commitment to their people. Xi’s re-election is the culmination of a remarkable rise. His coronation sets him up to become communist China’s longest-serving president, and means Xi could serve well into his seventies and will cater all the challenges. The new journey is a long one filled with glories and dreams. The road-map has been drawn and the bugle has been sounded. He aims to forge ahead with enterprise and fortitude and endeavor to create an even brighter future.

The vision is grand and H.E Xi Jinping, has implemented several policies that have contributed to China’s economic, social, and technological development. Xi Jinping has been vocal about his vision for China, which includes strengthening China’s global standing and creating a more prosperous society. He has been a strong advocate for poverty reduction, environmental protection, and innovation-driven development. Under his leadership, China has launched several ambitious initiatives, such as the Belt and Road Initiative and the Made in China 2025 plan, aimed at increasing China’s economic and technological competitiveness on the global stage. Xi Jinping has also emphasized the importance of the rule of law, good governance, and party discipline. He has launched a high-profile anti-corruption campaign.

In my opinion, the grand vision of the Chinese president will bolster the growth and development and prosperity for the Chinese nation.

– Written by
Mr Khalid Taimur Akram, Executive Director, Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared Future & Editor in Chief, Daily Big Digit, Islamabad