Tangwani : Lawlessness has reached its peak in Kandh kot district.


Tangwani : Lawlessness has reached its peak in Kandh kot district. Today, the incidents of robbery and theft are increasing day by day. The police did not open their eyes. In the midst of unrest in the district, bandit Raj Tangwani’s Dera Sarki police station’s Dera Sarki police station area, Faiz Muhammad Brohi, an unknown thief stole rice seeds worth five million from the house of senior journalist Abdullah Brohi and escaped. However, despite reporting, the police stopped and refused to come, while after making such a complaint to SSP Irfan Ali Samo, the police finally reached the spot of the incident, while the feet of the thieves were tracked by sniffer dogs. On the other hand, against the incident of theft from the journalist’s seat, there has been a great grief among the journalists of the entire district. On social media, the journalists have demanded that the thieves involved in the incident be arrested soon and the theft be returned. . On the other hand, Abdullah Brohi, while talking about the incident, said that I have been targeted as part of a conspiracy to steal from my house. I have always supported the truth, no matter how much pain I have to bear, but I will never deviate from the path of the truth. Pirbux Noonari and other journalists demanded IG Sindh DIG Larkana SSP Kashmore Irfan Ali Samo and said that the theft should be returned and the thieves should be exposed and brought to justice. They said that the SHO Journalists should be given justice by taking action against Dera Sarki, otherwise they will widen the scope of the protest.