Islamabad (TNS) : June 26 World Anti-Drug Day 


World Drug Day is celebrated on June 26 every year to raise awareness about drug addiction.
Currently, 350 million people between the ages of 15 and 64 worldwide are suffering from some form of addiction. Of the world’s approximately seven billion population, four and a half billion people are between the ages of 15 and 64, in which the rate of drug addicts is seven percent.
More than one crore people are suffering from drug addiction in Pakistan. According to the provincial rate, 55 percent of people in Punjab and 45 percent of other provinces are addicted to drugs. In Lahore alone, one lakh people are seen to be addicted to drugs, while the number of drug addicts in Pakistan is increasing by five lakh every year. At the government level in Pakistan, 24 agencies including ANF, Customs and Excise are active against drugs. 60% of the drugs seized in our country are caught by the anti-narcotics force while 60% are caught by the other 23 agencies, but despite all their efforts and efforts, this poison is rapidly entering the veins of the society.

Smoking is said to be the first step towards drugs because it is only a matter of fine line between good and bad and when that distinction is erased then there is no evil.Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, which was held in Vienna during 17–26 June 1987. The Conference recommended that an annual day should be observed to mark the importance of the fight against drug abuse and illicit trafficking. Both the dates 17 June and 26 June were suggested, and in the later meetings 26 June was chosen and written into the draft and final resolution.

It is often referred to by Anti-Drug campaigners as 6/26. A play on Marijuana smokers “4/20” day to celebrate cannabis.

The UN’s 2007 World Drug Report puts the value of the illegal drug trade at US$322 billion a year.

Campaigns, rallies, poster designing and many other programs are conducted. People of different countries celebrate the day together. As drug use increases[citation needed], the day becomes more important.

‘Health for Justice. Justice for Health’, the theme for International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2019, highlights that “justice and health are two sides of the same coin when it comes to addressing drug problems.”
The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, or World Drug Day, is marked on 26 June every year, to strengthen action and cooperation in achieving the goal of a world free of drug abuse
In search of comfort, relief from boredom and the desire to look fashionable, the step taken towards cigarettes cannot be reversed so easily. It is said to be an international problem, a problem that is becoming more serious with each passing day. The poison of drugs is licking our society like termites, how many families are there who have their children addicted to drugs. They have despaired of the future.

Our youths often adopt the scourge of addiction due to societal reactions and inappropriate guidance. Today, our young generation is not only ruining their lives by getting addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling and other addictions, but they are also causing pain and humiliation to their family members. The guarantors of the development and future of the country and the nation, these young people are becoming criminals because addiction destroys the ability to think and understand along with the body. In the eyes of such people, there is only the fascination of addiction for which they commit suicide. Every limit is crossed. They don’t even want to get treated because according to them, it is the disease that keeps them away from the world’s sorrows and takes them to “heaven”. The causes of the ravages of addiction include bad companionship, domestic instability, marital problems, mental stress, unnecessary fear, distance from religion, considering family members as enemies, untimely sleeping and waking up.

There are more than 21 types of drugs worldwide, including marijuana, opium, heroin, hemp and hashish. 62% of people in the world are addicted to marijuana, cannabis and hashish, while the remaining 20% are heroin, 10% opium, 20% cocaine, capsules, crystals and pills.

Most of the people are aware and familiar with the residences and abodes of drug addicts scattered on the streets and roads and they also send curses on them, but what should be done about the young people who are being educated in the posh areas of the city and in the higher education institutions. Addiction is increasingly being given a fashionable name. It is a pity that until the parents of these children are exposed to this sad fact, nothing remains in their hands.

According to the law enforcement agencies, these days the sale of drugs is not done in a traditional way but in a very modern way through social media. Drug dealers are using other social media apps including WhatsApp and Facebook. Even if a message goes to a hundred people on WhatsApp, ten to fifteen youths get stuck in their trap.

Drugs are being delivered to customers’ homes to make them addicted. Recently, some groups have also been caught who used to use taxi services. They included both girls and boys who used to deliver drugs to homes. Such groups are active in posh areas of the city because managing four to five thousand rupees is not difficult for the youth there. It is also a painful fact that the drug dealers are using the youth as their tool to achieve their nefarious goals and our generations are falling victim to their evil intentions.

Drug addiction rehabilitation centers in the city are now bringing young people addicted to a new drug called crystal meth. Due to its relatively high cost, young people from private educational institutions and rich families are falling prey to crystal meth. Experts researching the drug called crystal meth say that this drug called crystal or ice is made from a chemical called “meth amphetamine”. It is a white crystalline substance, about the size of a large grain of sugar or salt, which is heated by passing it through a fine glass. A fine glass bulb is usually used for this purpose, while a means of removing it into the body. There is also an injection. Police and Rangers in Karachi have raided some laboratories where crystal was manufactured while a large quantity of it was being smuggled from Afghanistan. It should be remembered that Pakistan is located on a global corridor of drugs, so there are also mafias selling them and users. Where and where drugs are being sold in the area, the local police and other agencies are aware of it, but for unknown reasons remain criminally silent, that is why it is a challenge for honest and dutiful police officers to access modern drug dealers. Drug experts cite three main reasons for drug abuse, with depression at the top. This pressure can be anything including exams, failure in love, delayed marriage, being neglected, competition with someone and unemployment.

The second reason is personality imbalance, while the third reason is the company of friends. According to Health experts one of the reasons for the use of drugs among the youth of some rich families is the desire to increase sexual power.

The reason for the increase in the number of drug addicts especially in posh areas is the parties organized in these places where the young generation indulges in promiscuity in the name of freedom and in the name of fashion. Institute of Health Metrics and Evolution According to a recent report, there has been a 98% increase in the number of people suffering from drug-related disabilities in Pakistan, and mental disabilities are on the rise among drug-addicted youth. In this regard, doctors say that the drug creates an imbalance in the brain cells, as a result of which the brain is not able to function like a normal person and as a result, the person becomes mentally, physically and socially disabled. According to a survey, one of the main reasons for addiction is parental inattention to children. Small children smoke cigarettes and their parents seem to be unaware of this fact. These children move forward with the smoke of cigarettes and become travelers on a path that will lead them to the destination of destruction and destruction. Is. It was not that long ago when people warned a child even while walking, he used to throw away the cigarette from his hand even for that moment. Presents.

Prohibition of drug peddling and the measures taken against it are in place but the action of parents to keep an eye on their children is very important. Observe the two satas with the children and tell them the benefits of good company. Where there is even a slight tremor in their steps, try to control them, otherwise this most important capital of life may be lost.