Rawalpindi (TNS) : Why the soft corner for Imran Khan for damaging the reputation of the army?


It has become a trend of PTI to damage the reputation of the army chief and the army, the question is why the government has taken a soft corner against Imran Khan?
The continuous silence of the government officials on the Army Chief and the army’s continuous role-playing on social media is a question mark.
Is this an indirect NRO for Imran Khan and Co. as the government has announced that the women involved in the May 9 incident will not be tried in military courts?
While it should be remembered that the spokesperson of the Pakistan Army, Major General Ahmed Sharif, while holding a press conference in Rawalpindi on June 26, 2023, said that 102 miscreants are being tried in military courts and this will continue.
The spokesman of the Pakistan Army said that there is complete coordination and transparency in the decision-making of the Pakistan Army, the tragedy of May 9 will not be forgotten and the involved elements cannot be forgiven, all the involved characters were punished under the Constitution of Pakistan and the law. will go He had said that strict action will be taken against those obstructing the completion of this process, the army has completed the self-accountability stage as per its traditions. 102 miscreants are being tried in military courts and this will continue, self-accountability in the army is done without any discrimination.
He said that 17 standing courts are functioning across the country, military courts did not come into existence after May 9, they were already present and active, according to evidence and law, civil courts have transferred these cases to military courts. After seeing, according to the law, the civil courts have sent these cases to the military courts, all these accused have full legal rights, these accused have all the rights and they also have the right to appeal. The Army Act has been part of the law and constitution for decades.
On the other hand, the Prime Minister and other ministers are saying that the ploy of using proxies to threaten the army chief with assassination has been badly exposed.
Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has condemned the social media campaign of murderous attack on Army Chief General Asim Munir and has directed the relevant institutions to take legal action against those campaigning against the army and its chief at home and abroad.
In a tweet, Shahbaz Sharif said that Chairman PTI Imran Khan is engaged in a nefarious and malicious campaign against Chief of Army Staff General Asim Munir. His ruse of using proxies to threaten the army chief with an assassination attack has been badly exposed. He said he was clearly back in power after his planned attacks on state symbols failed. He does not know that the time for his politics of intimidation, violence and hatred is over. The prime minister said that he is only exposing himself through such highly condemnable actions. is, whose main purpose is to put their own self-interest (grabbing power) above all else. Earlier, according to the statement issued by the Prime Minister’s office, Shahbaz Sharif said that running a media campaign against the army and its chief does not fall under the category of freedom of expression, it is only a conspiracy, which is a legal duty to prevent with full force. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif strongly condemned the social media campaign for the assassination of Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir and said that the same mindset was created for the ‘Black Day’ of May 9. The Prime Minister said that there is a clear message to the planners, facilitators and handlers of May 9 that they will crush every conspiracy against Pakistan and its institutions. Conspiratorial minds and elements are again active against the political and economic stability in the country, vile, cynical and malicious media campaign against the army chief and the army is the result of the planning of the evil mind. The Prime Minister said that the new media campaign of the dirty social media campaigners against the martyrs is part of the same plan. .
The Prime Minister expressed his determination that he will not allow the desperate elements to create a new crisis in the country out of fear and desperation, the nation stands with its army and its leader. In his tweet, the Prime Minister said that the people and political parties of Pakistan stand like a rock behind their army chief and armed forces and will thwart any attempt and conspiracy to undermine their dignity, honor and integrity.
Why are the officials of the current government taking a soft attitude against Imran Khan?
During the hearing of petitions against the military trial in the Supreme Court, Attorney General Mansoor Usman Awan said that there are 102 people in military custody, none of them are women, journalists or lawyers in military custody.
The Supreme Court called the Attorney General to the rostrum during the hearing of the petitions against the civilian coup in the military courts. On this occasion, the Attorney General said that 3 questions were asked to me, no one is in police custody in Islamabad, 4 people are in custody in KP.
Meanwhile, the Chief Justice asked the Attorney General that you are talking about civilian custody? On this, he said that yes, this is the data of civil custody.The Attorney General had told that 41 people are in custody under MPO, 141 under ATA, 81 women were detained in Punjab, 42 were acquitted.
Apart from this, no one is in police custody in Sindh, 172 people are in judicial custody in Sindh, 70 people have been granted bail in Sindh and 117 people are in custody under 3 MPOs. There are 102 people in military custody, no women, journalists or lawyers in military custody, no women in military custody in May 9 and 10 incidents, no women in military custody, so women will not be tried in military courts.
The position of the federal government is clear, no journalist or lawyer will be arrested for the incidents of May 9 and 10.
Critics say the Supreme Court is with the PTI. These critics point to various court orders such as the interpretation of the secession clause, which legal experts say has not interpreted the constitutional provision but has ‘rewritten it’. Another issue is the bail granted to Imran Khan in current and potential cases, which is said to be unprecedented. The Supreme Court has been divided on several occasions in recent months when ‘dissenting’ judges wrote notes on judgments, which later became public. In these notices, he disagreed with the Hon’ble Chief Justice on the composition and decisions of the Benches. Caretaker governments are already in place in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as the Punjab and KP Assemblies were dissolved months before their terms expired. The PTI (and its allies) believed that the resulting pressure would lead to early elections across the country.

This maneuver failed, as sufficient pressure could not be exerted to ensure nationwide elections. In fact, the Supreme Court was also unable to conduct elections in these two provinces during the constitutionally fixed period.
During the caretaker government’s tenure, Justice Qazi Faiz Isa will take over the seat of the Chief Justice after the retirement of the current Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial in mid-September. If the Assembly declares that the elections should be held within 90 days and if the assembly completes its 5 years then the elections should be held within 60 days. That means the elections can be held in October as soon as possible.
I think the election is more likely to be held in mid-November, by which time the new CJ will have been in office for about 2 months.
Therefore, the outcome of an appeal may be somewhat different in the case of adverse decisions of lower courts such as disqualification and possible imprisonment. But these are all speculations and the facts may tell a different story.
Harming the reputation of the army has become a trend of PTI, the trial is going on against the accused involved in these incidents under the Army Act and the Official Secrets Act.
DGISI Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum is also going to retire in September. I am not clear about the rules and regulations so can’t say whether the current PM can offer them an extension before the caretaker government comes in if he wants and whether the DGISI will accept it. Or not.
Sources say that he has a good working relationship with DGISI. To be honest, the change will not make much of a difference as the officer in charge of Home Policy is the DGC who is one rank below the ISI chief and even if the DGI is replaced. The institution will function as usual until the elections and possibly even after.
Of course, the biggest question mark at the moment is when the PML-N chief will return to Pakistan and whether he will be acquitted by the courts in time to contest the elections. If he participates in the elections and wins, will it mean that Shahbaz Sharif’s very short tenure as Prime Minister is over? Or will Nawaz Sharif assume a different role and leave the post of Chief Executive to his brother? It has to be seen whether the Muslim League (N) succeeds in securing enough seats that its nominee gets the Prime Minister’s seat. Anything can happen if the election results are the opposite. What happens in the coming weeks? That is, the establishment of a caretaker government, the holding of elections and beyond? Board approval of the IMF package is now only a formality, the probability of default is less and now all eyes are on the elections.
Defense Minister Khawaja Asif says that the Supreme Court has supported trial in military courts in 2017, judicial precedents do not change. The campaign against the army chief was launched at the behest of Chairman PTI. Khawaja Asif said that Chairman PTI is currently doing propaganda through proxy. What these people did on May 9 failed by the grace of Allah. After failure again this plan is launched through proxy.On the other hand, the government coalition in a joint statement has condemned Imran Khan for making the sensitive professional affairs of the Pakistan Army controversial.
On May 9, there was a conspiracy to affect the reputation of the Pakistan Army. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has strongly condemned Imran Khan’s ‘accusation’ regarding the Army Chief and said that Imran Khan’s statement against the Pakistan Army is an example of his low mentality. And there is proof.
This statement is an admission of guilt by the mastermind behind the tragic events of May 9, the same mind-set that falsely accused the patriotic army officers of their murders, spun false stories of ciphers and foreign conspiracies, the masterminds of anti-nationalism and terrorists. It is an expression of the real intentions of the mind.
The Prime Minister said that Imran Khan’s statement is an admission that what happened on May 9 happened at the behest of Imran Khan. Who was
He said that General Syed Asim Munir as DGISI is aware of the worst corruption of Imran Khan, his wife, Farah Gogi and the senior leadership of PTI.
In the Prime Minister’s statement, it was further said that the defamation against General Syed Asim Munir, who became the Army Chief on merit, is nothing but malicious.
The Prime Minister said that Imran Khan is afraid of the honest army chief, such talk against the commander of the brave army fighting against terrorism is despicable, the whole nation stands with the armed forces and the army chief.
Remember that no person or institution is greater than the Constitution, we all are subject to the Constitution, the Constitution is not subject to us, loyalty to the state and observance of the Constitution is the duty of every citizen. A systematic campaign is being conducted against state institutions, a political faction is busy weakening the state and institutions.