Islamabad(TNS): Serena Hotels and Nomad Art Gallery hosted Crats Bazaar and screening of Androon Lahore and Posheeda Qadam



Islamabad – 9 September 2023 (Adnan Hameed) : Serena Hotels, in collaboration with Nomad Art Gallery, hosted a captivating cultural event that left audiences both inspired and enlightened. This event combined the vibrancy of a crafts bazaar with the profundity of two enlightening film screenings. The Ambassador of Portugal to Pakistan Frederico Silva inaugurated the event and emphasized on the importance of promoting art as means of attaining peace and tolerance. The bazaar featured a curated selection of exquisite handmade crafts from talented artisans, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the region. This unique exhibition provided attendees with an opportunity to appreciate and purchase exceptional artworks, textiles, jewelry, and more, directly from the artisans.
The exhibition reflects Nomad Art Gallery partners from all over Pakistan; community based artisans, young graduates and entrepreneurs.

Rich hues of textiles from Sindh including silk and cotton Ajrak , block printed textiles, totes, home accessories, Kashmiri embroidery and shawls, trendy ensemble, handmade toys by Granmani, exquisite silver jewellery by Amna Shariff and SS collection. Pottery by Shazia Zuberi, handpainted wooden cabinets, bowls and engraved slate items. Rakaposhi Naturals health foods, bright woven bags, cushions, accessories by Kimmy. Tribal Truck art products and furniture for gifts and self indulgence.

The first film screening of the evening, “Androon Lahore,” is a powerful documentary that delves into the history of Lahore as seen through the lens of artist Nageen Hyat. The film captures the essence of Lahore’s walled city, revealing its historical richness and the lives of its inhabitants both before and after its restoration. “Androon Lahore” offers a compelling look at the city’s vibrant past and its continued relevance in contemporary times.

The second film, “Posheeda Qadam,” is a bold exploration of the pervasive issue of violence against women and youth, as well as discriminatory laws in South Asia. This thought-provoking film, directed by shines a spotlight on the patriarchal narrative that has long dominated the region. “Posheeda Qadam” fearlessly examines draconian laws such as the Law of Evidence and the Hudood Ordinance, which violate fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution. The film also addresses the effects of cyberbullying and harassment, as well as the distressing statistics of violence against women.

This event aims to not only showcase the beauty of indigenous crafts but also to stimulate meaningful discussions on crucial societal issues. Serena Hotels is committed to provide a platform for art, culture, and dialogue that can lead to positive change.