Tangwani (TNS) Muhammad Salah Malik Primary School of Tangwani has fallen victim to poor conditions.


Plaster has started falling from the roof of the school, due to which the school students and their parents started fearing, due to which the parents of the children stopped sending them to school. School children and teachers have demanded to rebuild the school building. More than 500 boys and girls study in Muhammad Salah Malik School of Tangwani Tehsil. This school was built in 1995. But due to lack of repair work, the school has fallen into a dilapidated condition. Plasters of the school roof keep falling from time to time. Two days ago, four students were slightly injured due to the falling plaster of the school roof. Due to which the teachers and students of the school are afraid, while due to the dilapidated condition of the school, parents have stopped their children from coming to school, while despite the passage of 30 years, due to the carelessness of the education department, Muhammad Salah Malik School Repair work has not been carried out due to which tragedy can happen in this school at any time. The teachers teaching in the school say that the government should take immediate notice and repair the school and save the life of the teachers and students so that the children can be equipped with the jewel of education without fear.