Islamabad(TNS) :Minister Dr. Al-Maliki Engages in Crucial Talks with Pakistani Foreign Minister to Address Palestinian Crisis

Islamabad- 7 November 2023 (Adnan Hameed) :  Dr. Riyad Al-Maliki, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of the State of Palestine, engaged in a pivotal conversation today with his counterpart, Minister Jalil Abbas Gilani, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Pakistan. The discussion revolved around expressing solidarity and concern for the Palestinian people amidst the ongoing crisis in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Minister provided detailed insights into the dire situation, emphasizing the gravity of the Israeli aggression.
During the call, Minister Gilani conveyed heartfelt condolences to the Palestinian people and their representatives in light of the devastating events occurring in the Gaza Strip. He expressed Pakistan’s unequivocal rejection of the Israeli aggression on the Strip and voiced dissatisfaction with the extent of destruction and loss of life. The Israeli war on Gaza has persisted for 32 days, with severe bombings causing immense suffering and devastation.
Minister Gilani underscored Pakistan’s unwavering support for the Palestinian people’s struggle to attain their rights, including freedom and the establishment of a state along the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. He pledged Pakistan’s commitment to leverage all available resources to aid the Palestinian people during these challenging times.
In response, Minister Al-Maliki provided a comprehensive account of the dire circumstances resulting from Israel’s actions in Gaza, which include severe civilian casualties, infrastructure destruction, and the disruption of essential services, such as water, electricity, and communications. Hospitals are struggling to cope with the overwhelming number of wounded individuals, and ambulances have come under fire.
Minister Al-Maliki also conveyed the Palestinian standpoint and the urgent need for international intervention to halt the violence, declare a ceasefire, and ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid, including food, medicine, water, and fuel. He emphasized the necessity of providing shelter for displaced Palestinians, preventing further displacement, and ensuring the safety of the Palestinian population. Additionally, he stressed the importance of addressing the root causes of the conflict and creating a political path toward ending the occupation and establishing an independent and sovereign Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as its capital.
Minister Al-Maliki highlighted the escalating violence by Israeli settlers and the military in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem. He described how these actions are causing great harm to defenseless civilians and residents, including hindering the movement of citizens on the roads. These measures threaten to destabilize the West Bank and provide pretexts for a broader invasion and increased violence against its residents.
In conclusion, the Palestinian and Pakistani ministers agreed to convene during the upcoming Islamic summit scheduled to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The purpose of this meeting is to enhance coordination between their respective countries, align their positions, and leverage their presence in international forums to advance the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinian people.