Islamabad(TNS) : Kyungdong University, South Korea signed Agreement with Sir Syed University



Islamabad- 12 November 2023 (Adnan Hameed): A Memorandum of Agreement between Kyungdong University, South Korea, and Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) has been signed for academic cooperation. Intending to strengthen ties through joint projects and activities of both universities, the agreement allows for an exchange of students, exchange of researchers, and faculty, joint research, and resource sharing.
A delegation comprising Ms. Chaewon Jung, Managing Director, and Dr. Sehrish Gul, Assistant Professor KDU, led by President KDU, Mr. John Kyu Lee visited Sir Syed University and discussed KDU’s Global Academic Collaboration Program with faculty and high officials of the university.
President Prof. Dr. Johan Lee on behalf of Kyungdong University Global Campus and Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin, on behalf of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi signed the agreement at the signing ceremony that was attended by Registrar Engr. Cdre (r) Syed Sarfraz Ali SI (M), Deans, Chairmen, HODs, faculty members, and others.
Dr. Sehrish Gul, Assistant Professor KDU gave a comprehensive presentation about the Korean university. She highlighted that the university has 33 undergraduate programs and the strength of the students exceeding 7500 including 1500 international students from 24 different nationalities. Director ORIC, Prof. Dr. Rabia Noor Enam also gave a very informative presentation about Sir Syed University.
Speaking on the auspicious occasion, President KDU, Prof. Dr. Johan Lee, said that Kyungdong University has been established as one of the top-notch institutions in its employment ratings of graduates. Kyungdong University endeavors to educate a new generation of leaders with a clear mission of service for the nation and humanity. We are strong in international mobility, so we learn from you, also we share what we enjoy success with the big coterie. So we are happy to be recognized by our colleagues, not particularly our students. If you make one single mistake, your name goes down, so we don’t have time to relax. Every year we upgrade our system. As a result, this country is not only going to be recognized by our students but also international community.
President KDU, Prof. Dr. Johan Lee, pointed out that students cannot be productive until they acquire sufficient necessary training. Korea Global Campus makes history every single day. Korean traditional research is making social commercialization.
Vice Chancellor SSUET, Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin, said that the change is in every domain of the academic sector and the important thing is how we can incorporate it in more depth and how the adjustment of courses would take place according to our environment. This contract is a good initiative so that our students would get a chance to study at a foreign university and to explore the new venues of research-based knowledge.
Registrar SSUET, Engr. Cdre (r) Syed Sarfraz Ali SI (M) said that the students’ exchange program would provide an opportunity for undergraduate students who have completed at least one year of undergraduate study, to earn credit hours. Academic credits earned at the host institution may be transferred back to the home institution in accordance with procedures and policy. Participating students will be selected by the home institution generally on the basis of academic merit.
Before leaving the University the delegation thanked again the Vice Chancellor for the nice hospitality and hoped for joint ventures soon.
Abdul Hamid Daccani
Dy. Director Information
Caption: (L-R) Dean Faculty of Civil Engineering & Architecture, Prof. Dr. Mir Shabbar Ali, Registrar Engr. Cdre (r) Syed Sarfraz Ali SI (M), Dean Faculty of Computing and Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin, President KDU, Prof. Dr. Johan Lee, Assistant Professor KDU, Dr. Sehrish Gul, Managing Director Ms. Chaewon Jung, Dean Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aamir and Director ORIC, Prof. Dr. Rabia Noor Enam photographed together after signing the Memorandum of Agreement.