Khanewal (TNS) The law of the jungle is violated in Khanewal. Serious violation of human rights in the hands of Kachakho police station.


Three youths were kidnapped on suspicion of robbery. Inhumane torture in private torture cell of Kachah Khoh police station without judicial remand. As a result of brutality and brutality of the police, a hard-working young man, Fantasha Dangra, had his spine broken. Which is being treated by an expert orthopedic wrestler. While the other two workers are also unable to walk. The condition of the youth is alarming. The police are afraid to bring it forward. The possibility of a major tragedy. Details
On the request of his driver Parvez, SHO Kachha Khoh picked up these youths and instead of bringing them to the police station, they transferred them to a private torture cell where a youth named Panchk Dangra was subjected to humane torture, which left him in a critical condition. Details According to Khanewal police is openly flouting human rightsSHO Rana Idris posted at Kachha Khoh police station of Khanewal picked up the last three youths and instead of bringing them to the police station, they transferred them to his private penitentiary and started investigating the robbery cases. and Saeed Sige are brothers and residents of 21 Ton R. while the third conceptDangra is a resident of 18 9R. During the investigation, Fanta Dangra was brutally tortured due to which he was seriously injured. But due to the fear of the relatives, he is not brought to the police stationIt has not been and is not being presented in any court. The family of Dangra are stumbling around and they don’t even know where their son is and in what condition. On the other hand, Kashif and Saeed Saeed is released after accepting a huge bribe-like ransom and this deal is near Khattak Hotelhas happened on the tower while Kashif’s deal is not yet settled.
It should be remembered that SHO Kachha Kho Rana Idris is considered as one of the most ruthless police officers and his service record is also not good. Because of this, DPO Wahari Isa Sukhira was very angry with him and DPOOn Vehari’s report, RPO Multan demoted Rana Idris from inspector to sub-inspector as Rana Idris is related to a political family of Khanewal and the son of MPA of Khanewal is the son-in-law of Rana Idris. On the basis of political expediency, Rana came to Khanewal after getting transferred from Idris VehariHe went and here he was posted as SHO Haveli Kuranga, but there also when the complaints piled up, DPO Khanewal put him in close line, but the political atrorsukh provided full support to Rana Idris here too and he died on October 31. has been posted as SHO Kachha Khoh where as soon as he arrived heHe has started humanitarian activities to satisfy his ego