Islamabad(TNS) : Islamabad Conclave 2023: Pakistan in a Changing World



Islamabad, December 6, 2023 – The Islamabad Conclave 2023, organized by the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI), commenced today with insightful addresses from distinguished speakers, setting the stage for comprehensive discussions on the evolving global landscape.

Chief Guest President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi shared insights on Pakistan’s dynamic approach in the face of global challenges. President Alvi stressed the importance of the strategic shift to geo-economics, aligning policies with regional and systemic developments. He called for a conscious rediscovery of Pakistan’s vision amid superpower rivalries and interference from neighbouring states.

President Alvi also expressed concerns over the prevailing global scenario, citing the need for a return to principles of morality. He highlighted the appalling situation in Gaza, emphasizing the importance of justice, consistent application of international rules, and respect for rights of Palestinians. The President also called for socio-economic justice, equal opportunities, and the empowerment of women to ensure real progress.

Earlier, in his welcoming remarks, Director General ISSI Ambassador Sohail Mahmood highlighted ISSI’s role in providing research-based policy inputs and serving as a platform for dialogue on issues relating to foreign policy and national security. He emphasized the imperatives of bridging the gap between the research and policy communities and strengthening collaborations with foreign counterparts and other think tanks. ISSI, he stated, is also committed to focusing on multi-stakeholder partnerships for operationalization of ‘Pakistan’s pivot to geo-economics’, engaging closely with the next generation of International Relations scholars, and amplifying Pakistan’s soft power through impactful research.

On the theme of Islamabad Conclave 2023, Ambassador Sohail Mahmood stressed that throughout human history, change has been the only constant. He added that the speed, depth and breadth of change in the world at this particular juncture, however, is breath-taking. It has been stated that the world is in a “hinge moment” — when one era is ending, and another era is taking shape. “From war in Europe to genocide in Gaza, from deepening geo-strategic rivalries to unprecedented growth of new and emerging technologies, and from existential threat of climate change to green transition and digital transformation, the world we are living in is changing in profound ways,” he said and added that it would be unforgivable for any country to either be oblivious of this dynamic and far-reaching transformation, or remain static in its strategic outlook despite knowing about this change.

The Islamabad Conclave 2023, themed ‘Pakistan in a Changing World,’ is poised to be a significant platform for exploring the multiple layers of change and charting the way forward for Pakistan. Over the next two days, the event will feature sessions on changing regional landscapes, evolving dynamics, geopolitical challenges, the pivot to geo-economics, comprehensive security, and Pakistan’s foreign policy in an emerging world order.

Earlier, Dr. Talat Shabbir, Director of the China-Pakistan Study Centre, emphasized the Conclave’s role as a forum to propose solutions to pressing global issues. He highlighted the significance of fostering comprehensive dialogues to address challenges effectively.

The Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad remains committed to providing a vital dialogue platform for the research and policy community, facilitating discussions on matters of national, regional, and international importance.