Haripur(TNS): Peer Sabir Shah has a hand in wiping out PML-N from Haripur



*Peer Saber Shah left no stone unturned in taking out the political funeral of Pakistan Muslim League-N in Haripur district, despite the fact that the district presidency belongs to his nephew, Pir Saber Shah caused great damage to the party by not giving the requests of the petitioners to the party leaders. has the hand of *

No ticket was given to any candidate in the three provincial constituencies, no ticket was deliberately given to any party workers from Haripur district. The workers of PML-N district Haripur should not vote for PML-N including the leaders and candidates who hurt the dignity and self-esteem of party workers in the National and Provincial Assembly elections. By not voting for candidates who swear by Quran, restore their self-respect by giving them a crushing defeat so that no party leader or ticket holder can use you as a tissue paper in the upcoming elections.  ,