Islamabad(TNS): Private Power Infrastructure Board, CERAD and Huawei jointly launched the White Paper on Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) for PV Systems in Pakistan


Islamabad:- PPIB, CERAD and Huawei Pakistan on Tuesday jointly unveiled the White Paper on Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) for Photovoltaic (PV) systems, marking a significant stride in realm of solar power technology.

The launch, a result of collaborative efforts with Private Power & Infrastructure Board (PPIB) and the Center for Advanced Research in Engineering and Development (CERAD), is poised to redefine the landscape of PV power plant development in the country.

The event, adorned with a technical white paper launch ceremony, featured Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Pakistan, Ethan Sun, , who in his welcome address, emphasized importance of the AFCI in advancing technological frontiers, providing a comprehensive reference for enterprises involved in PV power plant development.

He said the objective is to establish a foundation for technological development and promotions. He said this technical white paper will serve as a guiding document for enterprises, enabling them to continuously enhance their products in response to evolving situations and application requirements.

Ethan Sun said this document serves as a comprehensive guide for industry stakeholders, elucidating the development background, technical principles, challenges, features, and the tangible results of AFCI technology verification and evaluation.

On the occasion, Managing Director of Private Power & Infrastructure Board, Shah Jahan Mirza lauded Huawei’s commitment to technological advancement and expressed optimism that the introduction of this cutting-edge technology would play a pivotal role in addressing Pakistan’s power challenges. Shah Jahan Mirza, in his speech said that the Technical White Paper on Intelligent DC Arc Detection (AFCI) for PV Systems, jointly released by PPIB, CERAD, and Huawei, serves as a comprehensive guide for the industry. This white paper explores into the development background, technical principles, challenges, verification results, and application prospects of AFCI technology. It is a valuable resource that empowers stakeholders to navigate the details of this advanced technology with confidence. He further went on to add that the incorporation of Huawei’s insights and capabilities has undoubtedly added value to our endeavor, further solidifying the reliability of the evaluation results.


The event was also attended by the Commercial Counselor for the Embassy of Peoples republic of China, Mr. Yang Guangyuan who along with Managing Director PPIB and CEO Huawei initiated the launch sequence for the White Paper document.

The White Paper on AFCI will serve as a catalyst for further innovation and set new benchmarks for the integration of cutting-edge technologies in our chase of sustainable, safe and energy-efficient energy for Pakistan.