New York(TNS): Ambassador Munir Akramr raises the issue of construction and consecration of ‘Ram Temple’ at OIC Ambassadorial meeting


During an OIC Ambassadorial meeting convened today at the United Nations headquarters, Ambassador Munir Akram raised the issue of the construction and consecration of the ‘Ram Temple’ on the site of the demolished Babri Mosque in Ayodhya, India.

He shared the contents of a letter he wrote to Mr. Miguel Ángel Moratinos, Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, and drew his attention to the matter of safeguarding religious sites in India.

The letter sent by Ambassador Akram states:

“Pakistan condemns in the strongest terms the construction and consecration of the ‘Ram Temple’ on the site of the demolished Babri Mosque in Ayodhya, India. The Babri Mosque, a centuries-old symbol of religious and cultural heritage, was tragically demolished in 1992, and despite the reprehensible act, those responsible were not only acquitted but also allowed to construct a temple on the same site.

“The developments over the past 31 years, culminating in the recent consecration ceremony, are indicative of a disturbing rise in Hindu majoritarianism in India. This trend poses a significant threat to the social, economic, and political well-being of Indian Muslims, as well as to the harmony and peace in the region.

“Regrettably, this is not an isolated incident, as other mosques, including the Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi and the Shahi Eidgah Mosque in Mathura, face similar threats of desecration and destruction. The statements of some Chief Ministers of Indian states have linked such actions to territorial claims against Pakistan.

“I am writing to seek your urgent intervention for the protection of religious sites in India. Under your esteemed leadership, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations must play a crucial role in safeguarding Islamic heritage sites and securing the rights of religious and cultural minorities in India. The Secretary-General has entrusted you to implement the action plan for protection of religious sites. We urge you to expedite efforts to implement the action plan and ensure the safeguarding of religious sites in India”.

The OIC Ambassadors acknowledged the importance of the issue. Some Ambassadors mentioned the attacks on mosques in some European countries. The Palestine Permanent Representative mentioned the Israeli desecration at Al-Aqsa and demolition of mosques and churches in the occupied territories. The meeting decided to include this issue on the agenda of the next OIC Ambassadorial meeting.

New York
January 24, 2024