LAHORE, February 1:
In a span of two and a half months, the Children’s Hospital of Lahore underwent a remarkable transformation, with the inauguration of its upgraded emergency block and enhanced wards, including the addition of 100 more beds. Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi marked the official opening of the improved emergency block.
During his visit, Chief Minister Naqvi thoroughly inspected the newly upgraded emergency block, taking note of the facilities dedicated to the treatment of children. He specifically reviewed the information desk and reception counter, where the Secretary of Health provided a comprehensive briefing. The computers at the reception counter are now equipped to store all necessary information from the admission to the discharge of child patients. Impressed by the modern beds and the overall high standard of upgrades, Chief Minister Naqvi commended the performance of Secretary Communication and Works and his team.
Chief Minister Naqvi visited various upgraded sections, including the medical unit, diabetic ward, and eye ward. He also paid a visit to the old emergency ward on the ground floor, taking the opportunity to interact with the ailing children.
Furthermore, Chief Minister Naqvi announced plans to further upgrade the old emergency section. He emphasized that sick children from the old emergency will be shifted to the new facility, ensuring that both emergency units receive similar improvements. Naqvi expressed confidence that with the dedicated involvement of doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff, the Children’s Hospital has the potential to become an exemplary institution.
Addressing the gathered officials, including Provincial Ministers Dr. Javed Akram, Dr. Jamal Nasir, Secretary Health, Secretary Communication and Works, Commissioner, CCPO, Deputy Commissioner, and related personnel, Chief Minister Naqvi underscored the collective responsibility to treat the hospital with utmost care and commitment, akin to a home.