Rawalpindi(TNS): Vote is a trust, women’s vote is women’s will, Advocate Miss Tahira Bano Mubarak



Advocate Miss Tahira Bano Mubarak has said that women’s vote can change the political system of Pakistan, “Women’s vote is “women’s will”, most women vote under family pressure and influence. Trust is and its proper use is an Islamic duty.While talking at the ladies meeting for candidate for Azmat Ali Mubarak for NA 57 Rawalpindi Gulistan Colony, she said that no social organization is raising the voice of women to teach them how to vote. She said that preventing women from voting is a serious crime. Women should cast their vote with their own will, Advocate Tahira Bano Mubarak has said that educated women come forward for the basic rights of the people.The women’s vote will affect the results of 2024 election.She said that women’s vote compared to the total votes of the population it is more than half. She said that women voters in Pakistan are playing an important role for democracy, those political parties should be banned who fail to give opportunities to women in general elections.She stated that voting is a trust and its correct use is an Islamic duty. Islamic responsibility should not be confused with selfishness, roads, poles, transformers . While voting in elections is considered a purely secular matter, even though voting is a trust and its proper use is a religious duty. If the vote is used keeping in mind the personal interests instead of the Islamic duty, then it will be impossible to end the insecurity, poverty and unemployment in the country.
Just as it is the responsibility of the Election Commission to make every possible effort to keep the elections clean and transparent, at the same time, it is the greater responsibility of the voters to use their vote as a trust.