Islamabad(TNS) : Custodian of Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH) lauds American-Pakistani contribution, charity works

The custodian of Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH), has appreciated the charitable work of American-Pakistani philanthropist and entrepreneur, Tanweer Ahmed.
Sheikh Nuri Muhammad Ali, the custodian of the keys of Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH), praised the work of Tanweer Ahmed during his public engagements in Pakistan which lasted for a week.
         The tour of the key holder of Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH) was organised by Tanweer Ahmed so that the Custodian (Sheikh Nuri M Ali),  could speak to Pakistanis directly and share ideas with them.
        Appreciating the efforts of Tanweer Ahmed for the promotion of IT education and quality health in Pakistan, the Custodian of the keys of Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH),  said that Tanweer Ahmed was a role model for others in charity works.
        Sheikh Nuri M Ali also delivered a lecture at Pakistan’s premium IT institution, Islamabad’s National University of Science & Technology (NUST).
         It is to be mentioned here that recently, Tanweer Ahmed donated $9 million to NUST’s IT Tower to help students from poor backgrounds for gaining access to quality education through scholarships.
         Meanwhile, Governor Sindh Muhammad Kamran Tessori held a meeting with Sheikh Nuri Muhammad Ali, the custodian of the keys of Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH) at Governor House and thanked him for his role in helping Pakistan.
         A special ceremony was also held in honour of Shaikh Nuri Muhammad Ahmad Ali, at Eidgah shrine in Rawalpindi.
         Sheikh Nuri Muhammad, during his engagements, prayed for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah.

           The Minister for Religious Affairs also held a meeting with Sheikh Nuri Muhammad Ali.
           The minister said, it is part of our faith that Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH), is the holiest place on the earth.
            He said the people of Pakistan are deeply attached to holy places in Saudi Arabia.
           Tanweer Ahmed said that Sheikh Nuri Muhammad Ali’s presence in Pakistan was a privilege and his kindness and affection towards the people of Pakistan.  “Sheikh Nuri Muhammad Ali commands a high position. He is sincere to the people of Pakistan and has always been an advocated for the people of Pakistan. We are thankful to him for his affection, ” Tanweer said.
         American-Pakistani businessman Tanweer Ahmed has made headlines in Pakistan in recent days over his generous donation of $ 9 million to NUST. The $9 million donation is one of the single largest donation by any Overseas Pakistani to any Pakistani university.