Islamabad(TNS) : Azuba Azim is a Messiah Writing by saqib khattar




If the list of outstanding officers of the civil bureaucracy is to be compiled, Mrs. Azuba Azim is a prominent name among them. She always performed her official duties in an extraordinary manner and did not care about the circumstances. And not worrying about the results . She is the Iron Lady of Bureaucracy and Woman of Principal. after a long and glorious career she proved that i
Ms. Azuba Azim is a very honest, hard working and dutiful officer. Her reputation is very good. Her career is spotless and her decisions are based on justice. She always gives justice on facts.
He supported law in a very professional manner, therefore, because of him, the public’s trust in the bureaucracy was restored and the respect and dignity of this professional was seen to increase. She was appointed in various administrative positions based on his field experience. But Ms. Azuba Azim is a gifted person. The reputation of the most capable and dutiful officer is respected by the entire department and a beacon for new officers. People acknowledge their professionalism and integrity. She always carried out her powers honestly and did not let the requests and cases presented before her suffer unnecessary delays. Did she follow the policy of giving relief and justice , she did not listen to recommendations or pressure, she always consider justice and justice as her motto.
In the same way, when the administrator of the municipality came to her , she left no stone unturned to straighten out the institution of corruption. They live in the field and work hard in the garbage dump of the cityIt is now going through a better situation. I will give an example of this. How many years was the sale of petrol in the Khanewal municipality? Similarly, the situation of other departments is also the former Deputy Commissioner Khaniwal Agha ZaheerAfter Abbas Shirazi, Madam Azuba Azim is the only officer who solves the problem on “quick response”. Madam Azuba Azim also has a viable career. Her position is like an active think tank regarding solving these global problems. Ms. Azuba Azeem Sahiba, ever since she took charge of her position as Additional Deputy Commissioner Revenue Khanewal, her professional abilities in financial and administrative matters have been revealed to everyone.
In his own office, people’s legitimate problems are being solved without social amenities and the question of illegal activities does not arise.
When the deceased took over the charge of Bakhshita Administrator Baldiya Khanewal, except for a few officials, only “Awe Ka Awa” appeared to be corrupted..! A few officials in the organization, which was already suffering from financial problems, especially the cleaning staff, were suffering from the “addiction” of sitting at home and receiving salaries, and the government vehicles were “swallowing” fuel.
Ms. Azuba Azeem joined Civil Services after passing MBA Finance and competitive examination in 2013. She has reduced fuel costs by about 26 lakhs in Khanewal in a short period of time and attendance of municipal staff, especially cleaning staff. By making sure, the entire Khanewal was taken by surprise. Despite the indescribable hardships he had to face during this time, Musufa showed great perseverance.
I haven’t met Madam Azuba Azim in person, but I am aware of her god-given management skills, an example of which was that on the occasion of last Eid-ul-Adha, only 80 staff cleaned a city of about 300,000 people under the supervision of ADCR Ms. Azuba Azim. The determination with which to dispose of the furniture is a wonderful exampleAdministrator Municipal Committee Azuba mobilized to improve the infrastructure of the great city
The administrator kept a check and balance of the work on the ongoing road projects under the Panhab Stage Program, gave orders to the contractor to speed up the work and implemented them.
Azuba Azeem also inspected the machinery received from the Punjab Stage Program and instructed to make all the machinery functional in the field.
Due to the completion of timely construction of the roads, the citizens have got rid of the traffic problems. Major projects were completed for the first time in the history ofMadam Azuba Azim ensured the end of both corruption and commission
On the instructions of Deputy Commissioner Waseem Hamid Sindhu, Additional Deputy Commissioner Revenue Azuba Azim, Assistant Commissioners of four tehsils and officers of other departments were present in the field throughout the day with the processions and supervised the arrangements till the end of all the processions and assemblies of the district. Management teams will remain in the field – on peaceful MuharramUndoubtedly, this is a great achievement along with Madam Azuba Azim, the peace committee of Khanewal was also active. Imtiaz Ali Asad. Qari Saifullah Abid. Syed Zawalqarnain Haider Bukhari. The role of these three personalities is also exemplary. Respected in society. Honorable and respectable are recognized as worthy of respect. Likewise, the best arrangements will be made on the occasion of Eid Milad-ul-Nabi and Christmas, along with the recovery campaign of the district administration department from the property defaulters. The target of Additional Deputy Commissioner Revenue has been completedThe recoveries in other periods including rate, agriculture income tax, stamp duty were informed
Also briefing about development schemes of Board of Revenue, condo fee recovery, maintenance and transfers
All registrars and tehsildars should pass all registries and deaths on a daily basis. This order has also been 100% implemented. The work of the silen at the tehsil offices and land record center should be handled on a priority basis: Azuba Azim said.
Along with this, he left no stone unturned in ensuring the implementation of the clear orders of the government of Punjab regarding the official receipts
Monthly Revenue Service Kachharis took turns to give quick justice to the people through open Kachharis in all the four tehsils, listen to the complaints of the citizens and redress them on the spot – in these Kachharis, all the revenue staff including records are present under one roof. IsRelief was given to thousands of people. Similarly, last year, three events were held in Khanewal on the occasion of International Day of Special Persons, ADCR Ms. Azuba Azim was the chief guest in two of them. Her participation and interest in social events. Honor and respect of Ms. Azuba Azim in the hearts of the people of KhanewalI have increased
Similarly, regarding the celebration of Milad-ul-Nabi, special arrangements were also made for patchwork on the roads on the cleaning route in the city.
Administrator Municipal Committee Azuba Azeem inspected the repair of the roads on the route, directed the Municipal Committee officers to complete all other arrangements including cleaning immediately and then also carried out the action which the whole city is grateful for – regarding cleaning to the citizens on Eid Milad. Excellent environment provided. Similarly, ADCR Azuba Azim cut the Christmas cake along with the Christian employees
AC Coordination Sadaf Akbar and other employees of DC office also participated in the happiness of minority brothers. Madam Azuba Azim is constantly trying to ensure uninterrupted supply of urea fertilizer to the farmers – In this regard, Additional Deputy Commissioner Revenue Azuba Azim reviewed the demand and supply of urea fertilizer in the meeting and ensured continuous supply of fertilizer throughout Punjab. There was a crisis but in Khanewal madamDue to the planning of Azooba Azim, the fertilizer kept being supplied. He kept the officers and staff of the Agriculture Department active and also directed the dealers to ensure supply of fertilizers at notified rates – all dealers should keep a record of available fertilizers – he said that strict action will be taken against undeclared stock and stock confiscation. It will be done – he added that there is no shortage of fertilizerThe hoarders should stop – and then they did not make any concessions to anyone, nor did they make any concessions. An alarming situation in Khanewal was that the land mafia is occupying the government land allocated for the cemetery. People are tired of giving petitions against the occupation of government land for years, but no action is taken. For the first time, the occupation group came on the radar of Madam Azuba Azim. Against whom action is ongoing