Islamabad(TNS) : Pakistan Army announced a joint inquiry into the Bahawalnagar incident


The Pakistan Army has announced a joint inquiry into the incident to determine those responsible for the Bahawalnagar incident.
In a statement issued by the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army (ISPR), it was said that a tragic incident took place in Bahawalnagar recently, which was immediately resolved amicably with the joint efforts of the army and police authorities. has gone The statement further said that despite this some factions have started propaganda on social media to create differences between state institutions and government departments for their own vested interests. Responsible users will be determined. The statement clarified that to find out the facts, those responsible will be identified, a joint inquiry involving security and police personnel will be conducted for investigation.
It should be remembered that a case was registered against 4 officials including the SHO for the violence against women during the raid in Chak Sarkari area of Bahalingar. Police said that a case was registered against SHO Rizwan Abbas and 3 officials for abuse of authority and neglect of duty. According to the police, investigations are being conducted against the police personnel after which legal action will be taken.
Punjab Police said that the viral Bahawalnagar incident on social media was resolved amicably by both the agencies. In a tweet from its official account on the social media platform “X”, Punjab Police wrote that the minor incident that took place in Bahawalnagar was exaggerated and out of context on social media.
On the first day of Eid, the news started going viral on social media that 40 to 50 army personnel stormed the madrasah of Bahalingar police station and tortured the policemen present there.
The Punjab Police said that an attempt was made to create a false impression that there was a confrontation between the Pakistan Army and the Punjab Police. According to the statement, after the unconfirmed talk went viral on social media, an immediate joint investigation was conducted by the two institutions in which the officers of both the institutions reviewed all the facts and resolved the matter amicably. The statement further said that the Pakistan Army and the Punjab Police are continuing joint operations in the entire province to bring terrorists, miscreants and dangerous criminals to justice. sit down It should be noted that two days ago, the police raided a house to arrest the accused and the family of the accused accused the police of violating the sanctity of the chador and four walls and of violence. The police had claimed that they had raided a house to arrest the wanted accused, during which several people, including the family members, took the policemen hostage and tortured them. The police had also registered a case against 23 people, including women.