Rawalpindi(TNS) : Biggest kidnappers for ransom case has been solved


Solving the Unsolvable SP Beenish’s Extraordinary Talent

Biggest kidnappers for ransom case has been solved

Investigation which is the hallmark of police is not only neglected but its quality has always been frowned upon.
Here we share the story of a young female officer of Punjab police known for her excellent investigations throughout her postings- SP Beenish. In her postings she has been able to trace blind sodomy murder cases of children, blind murder cases of police martyrs and cases involving heinous crimes.

In rawalpindi, she has been making waves recently for tracing two phenomenal cases- the first involved tracing a hardened criminal of Kallar Syedan named Wahid Yasin alias Wahidi- who has been at large since 2018 in murder and attempt to murder cases and have been running armed gangs in the suburbs of rawalpindi. His support base was dismantled and his cronies were arrested later exposing wahidi to police.

The most recent have been bringing the gang of series of kidnappings for ransom in Rawalpindi down to their knees. The kidnappers of property nama youtube channel mohammad ismael were thorough criminals named Salman and Pio ud din
, required in more than 10 heinous cases all across Pakistan, had their criminal tracks and footprints all across KPK. Both of them were traced with exceptional brilliance and sources privy to case explain how the latest and most modern techniques were used in tracing these hardened criminals.