Lahore(TNS): Police baton-charged protesting farmers and arrested dozens of them on Mall Road, Lahore.


Police baton-charged protesting farmers and arrested dozens of them on Mall Road, Lahore. including 2 prominent leaders and transferred them to different police stations.

The protest comes in response to the Punjab government’s failure to initiate wheat procurement. Farmers from various cities have poured into Lahore. The police have gathered several prison vans in anticipation of the protest.

Water cannons were also deployed outside the Punjab Assembly on Monday.

Central Chairman of the Kisan Ittehad, Khalid Hussain, was set to lead the farmers’ caravan from different routes to the Punjab Assembly, despite the delays caused by the arrests.

Hussain emphasized the necessity of the protest, stating that a large number of farmers from all over Punjab are peacefully joining the demonstration.

Prior to the sit-in, the spokesperson for the Kisan Ittehad stated that the Punjab government has become indifferent to the farmers’ plight and resorted to crackdowns against them.

According to reports, several officials of the farmers’ union have been apprehended, including Sabir Niaz Kombuh, Central Vice President, who was arrested at his residence in Aarifwala. The Punjab Kisan Board Chairman, Mian Abdul Rashid, has also been detained in Lahore, as confirmed by the board.

The farmers also highlighted that recent heavy rains have further exacerbated their difficulties. There are concerns about the damage caused to the wheat crop, and if the situation persists, future cultivation of wheat may become challenging.

The government’s response to the farmers’ demands and the ongoing protest will be crucial in resolving the wheat procurement crisis and addressing the grievances of the farming community.