Maryam is just friend’s daughter: Nisar


Islamabad, Sept 10 (TNS): Dissident leader of PML-N Chaudhry Nisar said that he can’t accept Maryam Nawaz as party leader.

Speaking to a private news channel, former interior minister said for him, Maryam is just a daughter of his friend Nawaz Sharif.

“I can continue to harmonize with both Nawaz Sharif and his brother, Shehbaz, in the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N).

“I was repeatedly offered a position in the newly formed cabinet but I declined the proposition,” he said.

“I am the senior-most member of the PML-N after Nawaz and was many times given the option to become the prime minister but I don’t have any interest in designations,” he said, adding that he doesn’t have the temperament or tendency to make the kind of ‘compromises’ required for the job.

The former interior minister on Saturday said the country needs a united front to tackle international challenges.

Nisar said that a confrontation with judiciary will not yield any political benefits.

When asked about his support to the army, Nisar cited various incidents of speaking against the force each time it went against the policies of his government.