Malik calls for fully implementation on National Action Plan to curb terrorism


Islamabad, Sept 18 (TNS): Senator Rehman Malik said that terrorism is the main problem of Muslim-Umah.

Speaking at the Senate floor, which discussed National Action Plan, Malik said that this is a fact that Pakistan itself imported seeds of terrorism and harvested in tribal land which proved a fertile land for ‘Jihad Laboratory’.

Al-Qaeda was product of this cultivation while other terror outfits were registered themselves in this Laboratory, Malik added.

PPP leader said that Hillary Clinton publically admitted that US had planted jihadists in Pakistan and Afghanistan and feed these groups.

“We have no interpretation of extremism and terrorism, Rehman Malik said adding that the National Action Plan needs to be fully implemented.

Malik said that India’s Modi wants to take war to China from Afghanistan.

Why only Muslim countries are affected only by countries, asked Rehman Malik adding that fire in Burma was set under conspiracy where hundreds of thousands Rohingiya Muslims are being massacred.

Malik stressed upon fully implementation on National Action Plan as any failure against war in terrorism to be affected all of us.

“Peace is not possible without changing radical mindsets”, Rehman Malik concluded.

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