Matter of Seen and Unseen




  Muawiya Arshad Mir 

                Difference between these two words seems nothing to be worried about or anything to be like a think tank but they actually are. It seems that seen is what we see with our naked eyes and what’s in the dark or what we can’t see is unseen but unseen is much different from what’s invisible. If anything isn’t visible it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist as a matter of fact.

Faith or believe , it makes humans dictate what they want or makes them superior over any other creature on earth even if its greater by every mean thus humans always win, but what is winning without race or a race without runners ? Directing your attention towards Faith and Believe every human body believes! The difference is only in thoughts and knowledge.

To be more specific let me drag you in the past era of human evolution; you may find a slow and old world. Uncomfortable and very little technology but for sure you will find more peaceful world than present. Human revolution is all about getting better in dressing, lifestyle and eating and getting worse in love, care and trust it’s about how human’s believes changed them. Actually when I talk about the abstracts mentioned above human nature was made for them the unseen but the greed of visibility has changed the human nature.

Disorder and imbalance in everything created chaos and chaos is ladder towards destruction. We are in a state of unreliability which has given birth to Anxiety, depression, panic attacks and many more worse than ever because we took a wrong path to run. We humans are, no doubt, dominant on the surface of earth but if we even try to beat nature in this race we’re running we fail to even compete with it. Unfortunately we are still climbing that ladder or running on the wrong path leading us towards destruction.

A seed never gives you fruit but with the passage of time and right space provided it grows and becomes able to give fruit, when it was a seed it had ability to provide food but at its designated time to grow and improve that is nature’s law. Same is the case with human evolution throughout history from first humans to present. It proves that humans can never beat nature when they are a part of it same as computer can’t beat its creator even they are faster and accurate. Besides the differences in religions every human believes in the almighty creator if someone doesn’t then he is a fool that someone who created time, space and matter is superior over them so you can’t question about when, how and where about God. Creator is always greater and superior over what he creates and every matter created is never meaningless.

Human life isn’t meaningless too it’s a test to find its own meaning; and tests are never easy to be solved. The test is actually about believing in seen or unseen. If a student gets answers with the question paper provided from the examiner at the same time then it isn’t called test. We need to make our Choice to believe in unseen that we never saw God himself but he is present just like we can’t see love, faith, care, trust, relations, with courage and confidence or we believe in seen. Look around yourself you will see right outside your window a coward crowd running a race of greed and hatred knowing that the ending line lies inside their graves. The criteria for measuring human capabilities are now a look inside the wallet where some cash earned by ignoring family, friends and relatives lies.

The world we are living in now needs revolutionary change, human ideology is now victim of greed a curse leading us towards destruction. We need to know that there are some things greater and more valuable than some paper notes we earn by dying every single second of life.