‘Leniency’ for police officials with criminal records displeases Supreme Court


KARACHI: Nov 16 (TNS): A two-member bench of Supreme Court on Thursday expressed discontentment on lack of action against as many as 66 police officials named in criminal records.

During the judicial proceeding, Sindh Inspector General AD Khawaja and Home Secretary submitted a report before the court, reacting on the content of the report, the judges showed their reservations on the leniency shown to certain police officials.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed remarked that why there is a difference in punishments against police officials on the same crime, pointing out at the Home Secretary, the judge said that the issue should have been addressed by the administration.

Justice Sajjad Ali Shah said that politicians are involved in supporting certain police officers.

Speaking on the occasion, Sindh IG AD Khawaja said that he can only take action against Grade 15 officers, above that grade, the mandate to take action rests with Secretary Establishment.

Home Secretary informed the court that a summary of departmental action against 22 officers have been sent to secretary establishment, while IG Sindh stated that he has sent 35 names to the said department in a different summary.

The court summoned a report from secretary establishment on the action taken against police officers of Grade 17 and above in two-week time and demanded clarification from Home Secretary on the alleged leniency shown for some police officers.