Sonya Jehan says Indian society being Westernized


New Delhi, Jan. 17 (TNS): Settled in New Delhi after marrying an Indian man, Pakistan-born actor Sonya Jehan feels while India is progressing in many aspects, its people are leaving behind their traditions and increasingly adopting Western ways.

“I miss the simplicity of Pakistani people, their loyalty and traditions. They are very proud of their traditions,” Sonya told IANS at the flagship store launch of designer brand Janavi India at The Chanakya, when asked what she misses about Pakistan in India.

Sonya Jehan featured in Bollywood films like Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love StoryKhoya Khoya Chand and My Name is Khan.

“What I feel in India is that people are getting away from that (traditions). They are very westernised and I miss that part of my country here. When I go home, I see everyone wearing a salwar-kameezand they take pride in what they wear. Here, people have forgotten that. No one is wearing traditional clothes, so that’s what I miss.”

“India is progressing, but on the same hand, losing traditions.”

Sonya is the granddaughter of the late renowned Pakistani singer Noor Jehan. She was born in Lahore to a Pakistani father and French mother, and grew up in Karachi.

She is married to Vivek Narain, the cousin of Janavi India’s owner Jyotika Jhalani.

Sonya, however, said she misses being in India whenever she is in Pakistan.

“What I miss about India when I am in Pakistan is that I have access to a lot more things since it is a fast-paced city (Delhi). The city definitely has got more people and is a much better place, and that’s why people from all over the country come here,” she said.