I have prepared Panama pitch: Rehman Malik


Islamabad July 23 (TNS):  Senator Rehman Malik, who appeared before the JIT investigating the Panama Papers case, said that the Panama pitch has been prepared by him while the PTI was attempting to cash in on it.

“I was the one who prepared the Panama Papers pitch. I along with my 10-member team investigated the money-laundering case against the Sharif family after taking permission from a sessions judge in Rawalpindi.  Later, I sent the letter to the then president Rafique Tarar. I had come here not to settle any political score. I just provided the documents to the JIT. I have full confidence in the JIT. All the members are highly professionals and they asked very pertinent questions,” Malik said after appearing before the JIT for over one hour.

Earlier, ahead of appearing before the JIT, Malik said that he has all the evidence to corroborate his claim that the Sharif family used the Huddabiyya Paper Mill to launder money from the country.

“I stick to my assertion. Ten officers including Waseem Ahmed, Sajjad Haider, Basharat Shahzad, Javed Hassan and Sannaullah had prepared the report about the money-laundering trail of the Sharif family. I am going with the letter written to the then president and other evidence to produce before the JIT. Now onwards, no other evidence will be required to prove charges against the Sharif family,” he said while taking to the media outside the Federal Judicial Academy, where the JIT is headquartered.

“I am not a cricket player, I am a hockey player. I will square a goal and only then will come out of the FJA building. I will only come out when the JIT is fully satisfied,” he said.

Malik said that the investigation carried out by him and 10 other officers against the Sharif family for their involvement in the money-laundering was based on five FIRs and all evidence is there with him in this regard and he was going to produce them before the JIT.