PMA Punjab condemns advt of Health Commission


Lahore June 23 (TNS): An emergent meeting of PMA Punjab was held at PMA House Lahore on Friday.

Dr. Izhar Ahmad Ch. Presided over the meeting the members of Special Committee of PMA Punjab for PHCC and representatives of various district branches were present in the meeting.

The meeting strongly condemned the contents of the Advertisements given by the Punjab Healthcare Commission and unanimously declared it as highly irresponsible behavior of the commission to disrupt the ongoing very positive negotiations with the commission.

The committee considers it as a deliberate act of the commission just to please the authorities by maligning the doctor’s community.

The committee unanimously decided that no doctor in the Punjab will get the license from the PHCC and if the commission does not change its anti-doctor attitude we will seriously consider boycotting all the proceedings with PHCC.

The meeting showed its deep concerns over the uncontrolled menace of the quackery playing havoc with the lives of poors of the Punjab and termed it as the criminal neglect by the commission which is responsible to protect the lives of the people.

As many as 3 Lacs quacks are openly practicing as doctors and commission has badly failed to control them and morally has lost the authority to regulate the medical profession.
The committee has unanimously demanded the commission to clarify the all the irresponsible and objectionable words used in the advertisement burting the doctors. The committee decided to convince PMA Punjab Council meeting to decide live of action on this issue.

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