London buses showcasing Pakistan’s beautiful face before the world


London, June 29 (TNS): “Emerging Pakistan” Branding on London’s iconic Double-Decker is the latest scoop of news that will surely make your day.

Pakistan High Commission in London has started a four-week publicity campaign under the theme of “Emerging Pakistan” to promote the culture of Pakistan in the United Kingdom.

The initiative is part of celebrations planned for the 70th Independence Anniversary of Pakistan this year.

Under the campaign, London’s iconic red double-decker buses are carrying brand Pakistan on the roads of Central London, the hub of world tourists.

Projecting our Northern Areas, and the rare animals in our KPK, the buses will be a symbol of our national animals, our culture, and show a positive side to the falsely projected image of Pakistan; a negative image that would take ideas like these to highlight the good in the region.