Inside story of “spiritual connection” between Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi


Islamabad, Feb. 25 (TNS): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan and his British-Pakistani friend Zulfi Bukhari became disciple (mureed) of Bushra Bibi over two years ago and the duo spent several days on the mountainous ranges in remote areas of Pakistan on her spiritual advice, TNS has learnt on authority.

Family sources and PTI insiders have revealed that Imran Khan’s interaction with his third wife started under three years ago and it was Khawar Fareed Maneka who took Bayet from Imran Khan – not Bushra Bibi.

“Afterwards, Imran Khan introduced his friend Zulfi Bukhari to Khawar Farid Maneka and he also went through the procedure of Bayet. Imran Khan and his friend Zulfi Bukhari used to address Khawar Makena as ‘Miah saheb’ as a way of showing reverence,” said the trusted source.

The source said that Bushra Bibi – who is famous with nicknames Pinky Peerni and Murshed

Bibi by Imran Khan and friends – conditioned that Zulfi Bukhari should be present in the Nikkah ceremony because she calls him her “younger brother”.

The News reporter Umar Cheema revealed in the first week of January this

year that Imran Khan has tied the knot for the third time with his spiritual guide Bushra Menka.

The close circuit that attended the nikkah ceremony on the night of 1st January included British national Zulfi Bukhari, Awn Chaudhary and Mufti Saeed at Bushra Maneka’s house in Lahore’s posh locality.

PTI leadership initially denied the news but then issued a statement one day later and stated that Imran Khan had only proposed to Bushra Maneka and on Sunday released Nikkah pictures.

At least three family source confirmed that it was Khawar Fareed Maneka who did Bayet to start with but later on Bushra bibi also joined him and she started doing bayets as well.

“Both Imran Khan and Zulffi then did Bayet at the hands of both Khawar  Fareed Maneka and Bushra Bibi around two years ago,” said the source, adding that’s how Bushra Bibi started to gain wider influence on Imran Khan.

The family source said that “the key spiritual guidance” came from Fareed Maneka as he was the one who first got into the spiritual field and made a lot of influence.

“Miah saheb used to guide Imran Khan on all spiritual matters and slowly

Bushra Bibi took over and then both started giving advice and then Miah sahib was totally cut out,” said the source.

“Imran Khan made many trips to Lahore to seek spiritual solace and political guidance from Bushra Bibi. Zulfi was with Imran Khan in at least six meetings that were held at Bushra Maneka’s house, known to wider family,” shared the source.

The source confirmed that many in PTI, who wanted to make Imran Khan happy, approached Khawar Fareed Maneka (Miah saheb) and started getting taweez (amulet) from him but none of these senior leaders ever approached Bushra Bibi.

It’s understood that Imran Khan’s political secretary Awn Chaudhary’s ex-wife and television actress Noor was also converted as a mureed by Bushra Bibi.

The family source said that Imran Khan and Zulfi Bukhari were advised by Bushra Bibi to start wearing Aqeeq (rings) and ever since Imran Khan has not taken off his ring.

In August last year, PTI released images of Imran Khan and Zulfi Bukhari wandering on top of mountains in remote Chitral and Kohistan areas. The family source said that they visited hills on Bushra Bibi’s advice.

A PTI source said that during the trips by the duo to the hills, at least two influential PTI leaders wanted to join the PTI leader but they were shunned by Imran Khan because Bushra Bibi didn’t permit anyone else to join them.

A trusted PTI source said that all senior PTI leaders are aware of these meetings but none of them were allowed to join these meetings.