Medical report contests Dasti’s torture claim


Sargodha June 30 (TNS): A medical report on Friday cleared Member National Assembly (MNA) Jamshed Dasti, disputing the lawmaker’s claim that he was beaten and tortured in Multan Jail.

A medical board had been formed to examine Dasti after he claimed that he was tortured in the jail. The medical team found no scars of violence or any other torture marks on his body, and doctors rather said that the lawmaker had a toothache and that had nothing to do with the alleged torture.

Meanwhile, Dasti’s mother and sisters met him in Sargodha jail on Friday and inquired after his health. The jail superintendent also visited Dasti’s cell and cleared it.

Meanwhile, Dasti’s supporters held protest rallies across the Punjab province, demanding his immediate release from jail.

On Thursday, MNA spoke to the media from the police van stating that the jail authorities were badly beating him and he was being thrown to scorpions and other crabs to terrorize him and he has not been able to sleep for the last five days.