SHOs of all police stations in Islamabad transferred


Islamabad, March 17 (TNS):  The Inspector General of Police Islamabad Sultan Azam Taimuri has transferred Station House Officers (SHOs) of all police stations in Islamabad.

A press statement issued by Senior Superintendent of Police Islamabad said that in the history of Islamabad police first time all the SHOs of all the police stations have been transferred.  The press statement said that the IG has transferred  Muhammad Arshad Additional SHO Bara Kahu to Nelore Police Station, Inspector Haq Nawaz Ranjha ARU to SHO Bara Kahu, Inspector Jamshed  Khan Section Division to SHO Lohi Bher, and Inspector Mehmood Ahmad SHO Lohi Bher to SHO Noon Police station Inspector Muhammad Aslam SHO Noon to Safe City Field Office.

Inspector Ibrar Hussain PTS to SHO Sihala, Sub-Inspector Naveed Akbar SHO Sihala to Safe City Field Officer , Inspector Abid Akram Safe City Field Officer to SHO Shalimar, Inspector Tahir Iqbal Sec Div to SHO Ramna, Inspector Irshad Ali Abro SHO Ramna to Safe City Field Officer , Inspector Ashiq Khan Special Branch to SHO Shams Colony Inspector Muhammad Yasin Bhutta SHO Margalla to Safe City Field officer, Inspector Nawaz  Bhatti ARU to SHO Koral, Inspector Abdul Ghafoor SHO Koral to Safe City Field Officer, Inspector Niaz Hussain Jaffry SHO Karachi Company to SHO Shahzad Town, Inspector Fayaz Ahmad Ranjha SHO Shahzad Town to SHO I-9 , Inspector Khalid Mehmood Awan SHO I A to SHO Kohsar, Inspector Muhammad Ilyas   SHO Kohsar to Safe City Field Officer, Sub-Inspector Abdul Razzaq SHO Shalimar to SHO Golra, Inspector Tanveer Ahmad SHO Golra to Safe City Field Officer, Inspector Hakim Khan Security Branch SSP office to SHO Secretariat Police Station, Inspector Nazar Muhammad Quraishi   Safe City Officer to Incharge Security SSP Office.