Death toll from Ahmedpur Sharqia blaze reaches 200


BAHAWALPUR, July 2 (TNS) The death toll from oil tanker blaze near Bahawalpur rose to 200 on Sunday as seven more injured lost their lives in Multan and Lahore hospitals.

As many as 42 people in Multan and 23 in Lahore have succumbed to injuries so far.

Motorway police spokesman Imran Shah has said that a government inquiry into the incident had found at least five police officials guilty of hiding information.

The tanker overturned last Sunday on the main highway from Karachi to Lahore while carrying some 40,000 litres of fuel. It exploded minutes later as crowds from a nearby village gathered to scavenge for fuel, despite warnings by the driver as well as motorway police to stay away. The accident took place in Ahmedpur Sharqia tehsil near Bahawalpur.