Hype surrounding July 10 is wrong: Sindh Governor


HALA, July 2 (TNS) Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair said on Sunday that the hype surrounding July 10, when the Panama case Joint Investigation Team will present its report to the Supreme Court, is misguided.

Speaking to the media in Hala, Sindh during a visit, Zubair said the report will only be submitted to the apex court on July 10, following which the special bench will review it, a process that may take weeks and even months.

The governor, however, noted that “the one good thing everyone should acknowledge is that the investigation was occurring according to the Constitution. If this was the 1990s, the whole system would have been wrapped up.”

The federal and Sindh governments are not going anywhere and general elections will be held in 2018, he assured.

He also claimed that the JIT’s probe is historic as such a level of scrutiny of a prime minister and his family has not happened before.

Earlier, the governor visited the shrine of Sufi