Eid is not just for Pakistanis: Adnan Sami


MUMBAI, March 19 (TNS): Adnan Sami, of Pakistani descent, apparently ‘educated’ a Pakistani fan that Eid is not just for him, but to the entire Muslim community around the world, Indian media reported on Monday.

The singer, who received his certificate of Indian citizenship in 2016, also requested the fan to refrain from making celebrations into an Indo-Pak subject.

Adnan was in a festive mood on Sunday as he wished his followers on Twitter Happy Gudi Padwa, Navratri and Ugadi.

Sending love from Pakistan, a Twitter user wrote, “I hope you won’t forget to wish us on Eid.”

Adnan quickly responded to the fan saying, “My dear, Eid isn’t just for you, it belongs to the entire Muslim Ummah (community) around the world. Kindly refrain from making celebrations into an Indo-Pak subject! Incidentally, there are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan.”

He concluded by adding a line from his song Kabhi To Nazar Milao.

Courtesy: IANS