Intermediate exams kick off in Sindh amid report of the use of unfair means 


Karachi March 28 (TNS): Intermediate examinations kicked off across Sindh including Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana, Sanghar and other districts amidst reports of the students resorting to using unfair means (UFM) during the papers.

TV channels flashed footages showing students at different centres using UFM in solving their papers with impunity while invigilators and examiners at most centres dejectedly failed to stop the students from using unfair means.

The use of unfair means and the examination system has almost collapsed across Sindh while the authorities have turned a deaf ear to the deep-rooted curse.

Apart from the students using the unfair means, outsiders could be seen roaming and swarming examination centres to help their near and dear ones and the situation is assuming a dangerous proportion with the start of the examination.

Most students, who talk to TNS said that cheating goes unchecked and the examiners were there but in name and the whole process has become a farce. The copy culture and cheating in the examination has also taken a toll on those students who turn up fully prepared. The cheaters not only make a fuss in the examination centres but also they create trouble for the spotless students who attempt their paper without resorting to the unfair means.

Meanwhile, in Karachi, four students were arrested and handed over to the examination committee after they were caught red-handed while cheating.

Parents and students, who spoke to TNS, have demanded the provincial government and the examination authorities to seal all examination centres and halls to stop the outsiders from entering the premises besides thoroughly checking the students at the gate before allowing them to enter the examination halls.