6 years old girl killed during robbery attempt in Karachi

Boy killed after sexual abuse, accused held

KARACHI, April 10 (TNS): A minor girl was killed during a robbery in Zaman Town of the Karachi’s Korangi locality on Monday night.

According to police officials, Eshal, 6, was shot dead by dacoits when they faced resistance during a robbery attempt from a neighbour who was returning home after withdrawing cash.

The suspects, however, managed to escape with cash worth Rs 50,000.

Eshal was standing in her home’s verandah, holding the metal grill and playfully watching the street outside, when her neighbour, Mohib, who was chased by four suspects on motorcycles, was ambushed.

Mohib had just returned from the bank, having withdrawn Rs50,000. Little did he know that four robbers had chased him down to his neighbourhood.

Upon resistance from Mohib, the dacoits blindly fired in every direction and during the ensuing chaos, Eshal came in the range of bullets and died on the spot.

Eshal, the six-year-old, was the eldest of three siblings.