Brave madrasa student dies while saving 20 kids in India


New Delhi, April 10 (TNS): Ashfaq, 17 years old madrassa student in Indian state of Haryana, saved more than 20 lives as roof of madrassa collapsed.

A hero in death, Ashfaq was one of the six children of Din Mohammed’s family.

There were 22 students inside the madrassa when the accident happened. Locals said it was a result of strong winds. A heavy asbestos sheet, part of the cover of a shed 50m away, flew in the wind and hit the minarets. They finally collapsed on the roof of the madrassa.

“As the minarets and the walls started to collapse, Ashfaq — instead of running to save his life — helped his friends evacuate. As he pulled 21-year-old Mohammed out, one of the minarets fell on him,” said Mohammed Sabir, a relative.

The maulanas rushed Ashfaq to the government hospital in Pinangwan, from where he was referred to the government hospital in Mandikhera and then to Shaheed Hasan Khan medical college in Nalhar. Considering the seriousness of his injuries, the doctors finally referred him to Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital.

Chairman of Haryana Waqf Board Rais Khan announced Rs 10 lakh for the repair of the madrassa and Rs 2 lakh for the boy’s family.

However, Din Mohammed immediately announced that the compensation money too should be donated to the madrassa. Another student, Abid Hussain (20), who was also injured in the accident is undergoing treatment at Shaheed Hasan Khan Medical College in Nalhar.

Courtesy: India Today