PPP will continue to fight for democracy: Zardari


DADU, July 5 (TNS): Former president and Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari vowed that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) will continue its fight for the sustainability of democracy as the day of July 5 was the black day in the country’s democratic history.

According to the details, Former president Asif Ali Zardari stated on Wednesday that the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) will continue to fight for democracy.

Zardari, addressing a political convention in Dadu held to mark the 40th anniversary of Gen Ziaul-Haq’s 1977 military coup against the then PPP-led government, maintained that Pakistan had been unable to progress at par with China and other countries over the last 70 years because it had been governed by a “martial mindset” for 40 years.

PPP Co-Chairman said that they pledged the fight for the existence of the democracy will never be stopped at any cost.

“Those frighten from prisons and Panama who will not be remember in history,” Zardari warned.

He predicted that bat will not gain anything in next general election and PPP will emerge as more stronger party.

He claimed that if PPP had not empowered the parliament, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would have attempted to become president for life as “no case can be filed against the president.”“You are all sons of [Zulfiqar Ali] Bhutto. We are raising the flag of democracy. We promise that we will continue to fight for democracy,” he told supporters in Dadu, Sindh at an event.

Referring to the 40th anniversary of Gen Zia-ul-Haq’s martial law, Zardari said that Zia’s dictatorship had a brutal effect on Pakistan and the country needs to get out of this mindset and embrace a more democratic tone.

Zardari also claimed credit for strengthening parliament, saying had he not done so [given up presidential powers], Nawaz Sharif would be the president today [as that would be where the power lies].He also spoke in favour of Bhutto, and highlighted the achievements of the PPP founder.
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“People often look at the progress China has made, but they forget that Pakistan is still struggling with a martial mindset which does not ensure continuity [of governments],” he stated.

He ensured workers that PPP would develop Sindh and work towards making Pakistan a regional power.
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