Drug mafia resorts to blackmailing after police raid revelers party


Islamabad July 5 (TNS): The mafia selling drugs and ecstasy pills to the youth in Islamabad has resorted to blackmailing by airing fake videos purportedly showing the alleged “excesses” and “obstruction” of the police and the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Administration officials.

On July 2, the Islamabad Police raided a private dance party at the Grand Ambassador Hotel within the Secretariat police jurisdiction and had arrested dozens of youth revelers including girls, who were enjoying drugs, alcohol, ecstasy pills and the drunken debauchery.

Soon after the raid and the arrests, the drug mafia agents led by DJ Kantik contacted the drug suppliers in Europe and other countries, beseeching them to intervene and start a crusade against the Islamabad police and the ICT Administration for the raid and the break-in and the “transgression”.


The drug mafia got a fake video of the raid and run it on a Dubai-based media outlet, impressing upon the powerful media how the local administration was hampering their “efforts” to reach out to the drug-seeking youth of Islamabad. The fake video has nothing to do with the Islamabad raid and it has been attributed to the Islamabad raid to malign the local administration.

During the Islamabad raid, the police had apprehended 35 men and 17 women and a case had been registered against them. The drug mafia front man DJ Kantak took the raid a disgrace and an affront to the normal, decent, peace-abiding elite youth and soon alerted his masters abroad to malign Pakistan and the local administration for the un-called for the raid.

According to sources, earlier agents of the international drug mafia used to get no-objection certificates from the local administration by furnishing police “okay” reports for “dance parties” before luring and selling the tickets to the revelers for Rs5,000 and Rs10,000 per night. The sources also said that after the raid, the drug mafia has started arranging clandestine dance and night parties in behind tall and fortified walls.

A large number of the youth, mostly belonging to the elite families, widely use drugs and ecstasy pills behind these tall and fortified walls in posh sectors of Islamabad during night parties, it emerged.

Inside the gates of these well-guarded houses and clubs, well-to-do-children maintain an elite culture where the use of drugs, alcohol, and parties are a commonplace.

These parties are not complete without cigarettes, hash or marijuana joints and alcohol. Ecstasy pills, known as ‘E’ or ‘X’ on the party scene, is known as MDMA, which are widely consumed by the youth.

Drugs like weed, cocaine, Ice (Meth) and even heroin are regularly used by the teenagers as low as the age of 12.

Apart from opium and cannabis, amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS), cocaine and ecstasy are in high demand among the elite circles of the capital city. The youth who show up for the night parties in shiny new cars consume these drugs like candies before they get full synergy to enjoy the partying.